Innovative Approach Towards
Tennis Training


“In a difficult situation, a professional is rarely wrong, because he knows the correct solution of the problem!”
Andre Agassi

“Despite the fact that I have achieved considerable, I will never rest on our laurels. I continue to work very hard.”
Rafael Nadal

“I play almost all year round - and never feel unprepared. Daily classes keep me in constant tension ... Even on the day of the match, I train for 2-3 hours.”
Stan Wawrinka

“I have both powerful flow and tennis thinking. And most importantly, I never give up!!!”
Serena Williams

“Of course, during the training period the most important is discipline. You have to work hard to improve your game. I'm motivated by the result, which gives a permanent job.”
Elina Svitolina

“Have fun doing this sport! Do not forget to learn from defeats, because it is because of serious defeats that really big stars and winners!”
David Ferrer

“Usually the match is won by the player who controls the middle of the court. And to exercise this control is easier, playing as close as possible to the back line.”
Boris Becker

“In the tense moments of the match, I rarely take risks and apply feigned combinations.”
Roger Federer

“It's not good that someone gives, and who always takes.”
Björn Borg

“Use homework. They inspire confidence!”
Ivan Lendl

“Tennis player, as a good striker in football, must be in the right place in time.”
Andy Murray

“It is always important to stick to the game plan.”
Novak Djokovic

“I'm tuning to every fight, and I clearly understand how I will behave on the court. It all comes with experience.”
Aleksandr Dolgopolov

“To be first is to keep yourself toned throughout the long season.”
Pete Sampras

“You can not afford to waste energy, because now the game is very dependent on psychology.”
John McEnroe

“You lose and you get frustrated, but you hide it from the enemy. Speak: "To hell with it! The Empire was not immediately built. "Basically, you learn to keep your emotions with you.”
Steffi Graf

“You have to find your strong side and work hard on it. At the same time, the weak pull up.”
Stefan Edberg

“I think tennis is largely a game of the present moment ─ you learn from your mistakes and focus on the task, whatever it is.”
Martina Navratilova

“I figured out the peculiarities of different strikes and got the opportunity to ponder my blows, and it's nice. This factor allows me to act more aggressively.”
Milos Raonic


Being subject to the laws of time and evolution, a human being must move ahead, that is, one must learn and develop constantly. Modern technologies and innovations are widely used in every sphere of life and, of course, in sports, and in tennis in particular. Neither the complexity nor the exclusiveness of the tennis rules could deter interest in the game, and so there has a significant increase in the popularity and commercialization of the game. Tennis has turned into a spectacular show.

Rafael Nadal plays with a sensor-embedded racket, and many players use smartwatches and fitness trackers! We have to admit that nowadays technologies gather information faster and more precisely than humans.

The trend in modern tennis, as well as in modern life , is the use of devices and technologies that help to improve the success. For this reason, we have created the application Tennis World Class.


This up-to-date guide on tennis, with the help of theory, practice experience, a unique system, and coaching expertise, will become the source of reliable knowledge, athletic inspiration, and future wins.

The practice guidance is based on the laws of science, innovative principles of self-training, and essential recommendations on technique, tactics, and psychology of the game.

The book is an illustrated guide to tennis, based on the successful coaching experience of Nikolay Kanaryukov, building on the sporting intuition of his student and follower Stanislav Muzyka.

The book is directed at the younger generation of tennis players, as well as anyone who is excited about this sport, regardless of their professional level.

The Unique Video Course
For the Quick Learning How to Play Tennis

10 Lesson Original Program

  • basics of tennis stroke techniques
  • beginning tactics
  • the art of moving within the court
  • many more


We want your tennis skills to improve every day and your game to become more spectacular, more interesting and more elaborate. New technologies can help you reach this level.

Our team is in the process of developing a multifunctional sport sensor that will help players analyze the accuracy of their performance in real-time.

The smart tennis sensor will be able to determine the strength and type of strokes, the speed of a serve, the amount of energy spent, assess progress, provide advice on improving your game and many other valuable pieces of data.